PechaKucha Night Galway is a free creative social networking event. A grown-up “show and tell” where a few people give bright and brief illustrated presentations about subject matters of their choice. Then we all chill, chat and drink beer.


Volume 08 // 13th November 2014

The Lighthouse Seekers
Mike Hannon

Madness Vs Reality

Algarve Light
John Doheny

How To Save My Life
Tom Walsh

What You Think You Become
Gill Carroll

Pat McCabe

From Canada, To Ennis, To Galway
Bruce Henry

3 Smelly Boys & A Van
Finbar McHugh

Close Encounters: Wild Atlantic Way
Chris Tierney

Volume 07 // 12th July 2012

The Artisitc Atlas Of Galway
Liam Duffy (Poet)

Ahhh - A Graphic Designer's Bookshelf
Joanne O'Toole (Graphic Designer)

Pedagogy Plant: How to Start a Movement
Adrian Bannon (Lawyer)

How To Become A Superstar DJ
Mike Peyton (DJ)

The Technology Of Traffic Accident Reduction
Kieran Fitzpatrick

The Anamorphic Lens
Mike Hannon (PK Cork Video)


Volume 06 // 26th April 2012

AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO)
Keith Farrell (Graphic Designer)

The Evolution of Computer Graphics
Luke Watts (Digital Artist)

How To Train Your Dog
Eileen Sweeney (Marketing Manager)

Joanna Zalech & Alex Kieldanowicz (Artists)

Darren O'Brien (Photographer)

Better Living Through Cthulhu
Annie Cronin (Artist)

Volume 05 // 23rd February 2012

Politics (Yawn!)
Allan Cavanagh (Artist)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Jacqui Roberts (NLP Expert)

Seven Days In Basilicata
Chris Tierney (Photographer)

Holding A Lens Up
Aideen Barry (Visual Artist)

John Flannery (Marine Biologist)

Square Vs Circle
Alan Doheny (Graphic Designer)

20 Spontaneous Poems For 20 Photographs
David Rock (Poet)


Volume 04 // 8th December 2011

How I Answered The Call Of Nature
& Discovered The Internet

Alan Doheny (Graphic Designer)

Coffee Guy vs. Acid Girl
Shannon Reeves (Graphic Designer) & Ruth Scales

Educating Europe & The World
Eddie Higgins (Education Activist)

12 Strategies To Avoid Crucifixion
& Look Good Doing It

David Rock (Poet)

O Vein Of My Heart
Pat Heavin (Photographer)

Not Worth The Paper Its Printed On
Paul Killoran (Computer Programmer)

Volume 03 // 16th April 2011

Sarah Treanor (Student)

Japanese Manhole Cover Designs
Brian Stapleton (Graphic Designer)

Do You Bunga Bunga?
Jessica D'Eath & Antonio Bibbo (Students)

The Edge Of Land
Daveth Fox (Surfer)

Joe Geoghegan (Photographer)

The Work Of Hayao Miyazaki
Ciarán Dunlevy (Artist)



Volume 02 // 17th February 2011

Sloppy Ink & Scratchy Pencils
Allan Cavanagh (Artist)

5 Weeks In Japan
Chris Tierney (Photographer)

The Human Body As A Machine
Declan Costeloe (Engineer)

Space And The City
Mairead Ni Chroinin

Something Behind The Photo
Peter Fedrizzi (Fashion Photographer)

The Very Best & Worst Of Housemates
Shannon Reeves (Graphic Designer)

Land Art & Painted Ladies
Terri Mitchell (Artist)

Restoring Castles
Kevin Hurley (Gardner)

Journey Through India
Michael Monaghan (Carpenter)

Volume 01 // 2nd December 2010

The Power Of Imagination
Ciaran Dunlevy (Artist)

Energising Architecture
Ciaran Tobin (Architect)

Get Some India
Declan Doheny (Graphic Designer)

Poor Ould Fellas
Eoin Keane (Gardner)

The Hi-Lo Country
Eric Daly (Writer)

I Love Bikes
Garry Davoren (Biker)

The Father, Son & The Holy Road
Keith Farrell (Graphic Designer)

Internet Dating Secrets
Steven Prospero (Blogger)

Indigenous Tribes & Human Rights
Brendan Tobin (Solicitor)

Things You Didn't Know About Irish History
Kevin Hurley (Gardener)